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Faith Statement

We believe In

* The sovereignty and grace of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, in creation, revelation, salvation, and final judgment.

* The divine inspiration of Scriptures, and therefore their trustworthiness and authority in everything concerning faith and works.

* Our worthiness as individuals and communities of God’s judgment because of our sins and our need of his salvation.

* The greatness of the value of every human being – despite their sin – on account of being created in the image of God and is the focus of his love and care.

* The life, resurrection, and death of Jesus Christ, the incarnate Son of God, as the only foundation of salvation from sin and its consequences.

* The justification of sinners by the grace of God, which is only achieved by faith in Jesus Christ and his vicarious work on the Cross.

* The ongoing work of the Holy Spirit in enlightenment, renewal, and sanctification of the people who respond to the grace of God and the work of his Spirit.

* The unity and priesthood of all believers who together constitute the one universal Church, the body whose head is Christ.

* God’s call to the Church to spend herself for God’s comprehensive mission, loving and serving all human beings, as well as witnessing to her Master’s words and deeds to all creation.

* The second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ and the consummation of His kingdom by his final and absolute triumph over evil and sin, the resurrection of the dead and life in the age to come.